The Story Begins…

The story of my father, from my perspective……

He wasn’t always honest, but he was genuine. A man who may take advantage of someone or a situation for personal or financial gain, but would, out of compassion and his own desire, choose a family in need to give homemade food and his Christmas bonus check to, when he could, during the holiday season. Not a perfect man, but a man who demanded respect for himself and those around him. My father raised me to be considerate of others and realize that what I do affects the things around me. He taught me to care for the things we had because he felt people should conserve, consider, and appreciate what they have, and live life with an overall value of quality not quantity. He left me to carry on these ideals by covertly instilling them in me over and over as I grew up. An ethical foundation for life that I would hold onto and retain; the paramountcy of appreciation.


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