Side Note #1-Random Thoughts About My Father-What I Miss

I miss his hugs!  The way he made me feel like everything was going to be okay.  Never feeling scared when he was with me.  This is what I like to call, “The superheroeness of him.”  Telling me “Everything is going to be fine.”  Never doubting his abilities.  His stories and jokes.  The strength and assurance he embodied.  That he always stood up for what he believed in and practiced what he preached.  The genuine love and protection for his family.  Never seeing him play with his grandchildren; who he would have seen parts of himself in, loved, and adored to the ends of the Earth.  His hugs!


4 thoughts on “Side Note #1-Random Thoughts About My Father-What I Miss

    1. That is so sweet! They were admirable men and human beings. I love your dad’s connection with nature! I am also a gardener and it brings so much peace and solace. It is so important to have and share the memories, especially of compassionate people, like our fathers, who exuded their convictions in such sincere ways in their every day lives! Thank you for your kind words and following my blog! It means so much to me!💞

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