The story of my father, from my perspective……

He wasn’t always honest, but he was genuine. A man who may take advantage of someone or a situation for personal or financial gain, but would, out of compassion and his own desire, choose a family in need to give homemade food and his Christmas bonus check to, when he could, during the holiday season. Not a perfect man, but a man who demanded respect for himself and those around him. My father raised me to be considerate of others and realize that what I do affects the things around me. He taught me to care for the things we had because he felt people should conserve, consider, and appreciate what they have, and live life with an overall value of quality not quantity. He left me to carry on these ideals by covertly instilling them in me over and over as I grew up. An ethical foundation for life that I would hold onto and retain; the paramountcy of appreciation.


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  1. I like your idea for this blog. My father died when I was only 5 years old so my memories of him are collected and few. Curious to see where you go with this.

    I tried to find older blog posts, but perhaps you just started? In any case, looking forward to learning more about your father.

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  2. Beautiful! This experience of being human is so complex and not at all black and white. I really appreciate how you capture that in the beginning of this story of your Dad. Telling his story from your perspective, what a lovely way to heal.

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  3. Hi Anne,
    I have seen your post on the website of Mark Malatesta today. I cannot recommend signing up for a call with him. I have done it just recently and not got much more personal advice out of it than I had known before. His website is pretty good, though. However, he seems to try and draw people in by offering so much for free in the first place. Any program that he has offered me for after the phone call would cost $4000! (including ‘time pressure’ for signing up for it)
    I recommend staying away from it and I am glad that I haven’t paid more than $297 yet.


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    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I am trying to navigate the beginning of editting and publishing with caution and hesitation. I will look at his links but not go beyond that. We writers need to watch out for one another, and I am grateful you reached out to me! ❤Anne


  4. Yes, I wanted to reach out to you and I was glad to be able to ‘find’ you as you gave the name of your website. I emailed Mark to give me enough reason to trust in his follow-on service which costs $4000 (it looks better in his way of $3997). I kind of tested him during my 60 minutes on the phone and firmly believe that he hadn’t read my 50 pages, as promised/sold as his product. Only the very beginning. That’s why I don’t trust him.
    He suddenly didn’t reply to me anymore. Says it all! Tom

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