Grief is Sneaky….

Maybe it's redundant and been said too much, but I still miss him. I miss him each day and wish I could share him, the real living him, with my world. Mostly my family because no matter how much I try and talk about him or keep his memory alive, it seems no one really … Continue reading Grief is Sneaky….


A Quick Thank You…

I just want to reach out to those who have and continue to read this story! I appreciate it more than words can express. I am still hoping to publish this story some day so that I can share it with so many others, but it is a step-by-step process that I know, in time, … Continue reading A Quick Thank You…


After just reading a post from my fellow blogger and friend: AmyRose (her blog), I was encouraged by my initial reaction to discuss the age old saying, "Death happens in threes." I hate this phrase because it was all too true at the time my father died. I think it should be known, from my … Continue reading Threes…..