Grief is Sneaky….

Maybe it's redundant and been said too much, but I still miss him. I miss him each day and wish I could share him, the real living him, with my world. Mostly my family because no matter how much I try and talk about him or keep his memory alive, it seems no one really … Continue reading Grief is Sneaky….



After just reading a post from my fellow blogger and friend: AmyRose (her blog), I was encouraged by my initial reaction to discuss the age old saying, "Death happens in threes." I hate this phrase because it was all too true at the time my father died. I think it should be known, from my … Continue reading Threes…..

21 Years…

Oddly enough I don't usually remember this day-the day that my father died-21 years ago. It usually passes like any other day. I think of him on October 16 because it was his birthday as well as, my sister's birthday and my parent's anniversary. That made it quite the day in our household so much … Continue reading 21 Years…