A Tribute to My Mother on Women’s Day…

Two days ago my mother retired from the company she worked at for 20 years! This is significant for many reasons. She was actually hired on a day before my 16th birthday, March 6, 1997. This occurred 7 months after my dad died. It was a day of deep relief from the burdens of grief, stress, and insecurity she had been enduring ever since my father’s death. A newly widowed mother with no financial stability.

The trucking company my parents started before my father’s accident, ended with it too. There was no life insurance policy and our house had to be sold, luckily someone bought it, without any profit because the bank owned it.

My parents had purchased the house on a whim and there were extension cords wiring the electricity, the plumbing was backwards, the upstairs bathroom leaked into the basement, and my father had been in the middle of several half completed renovation projects when he died.

With all of the mess and uncertainty, my mother did her very best to find strength and focus so she could take care of me. 

I moved in with a friend’S family for a few weeks back in the city I had grown up in, while she squared away things with the house, and worked to find an apartment for us to move into. She didn’t want me to miss any school and thought it was best to start getting acquainted with my new teachers as soon as possible.

So when she was offered this job, at a large, prosperous trucking company, with full time employment and benefits, it was a relief and reassurance for both of us! A birthday present for me that meant, I think we’re going to be okay. She took the reigns and began to take on the duties of two parents. I was her motivation.

This was just one major hurdle she was able to overcome and things continued to have their ups and downs. She was still an unexpected widow and I was a 16 year old, hormonal teenager whose father had suddenly died. 

We persisted though and now it is 20 years later and she committed herself to a career that gave her financial stability and confidence. She also made many, many friends who supported her and will pay tribute to her with a few congratulatory parties!

Here’s to a strong, compassionate, successful woman who I am honored to call, MY MOTHER!

Love your daughter,



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